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Dear visitor,

It gives me both honor and pleasure to warmly welcome you to my website based on my creation. I hope you find your enjoyable and interesting view of my art which is created in various form, color and line.

Please remember that the main purpose of this site is to develop and explore the healthy relationship between art and their viewers. Introducing myself through my art and updated information to the art lover and provide visitors with a detail view of my art work and feelings. Interact with the creation and enjoy the beautiful colors on the canvas with their various form and the wonderful dramatic lines on the paper with different shades and support of the colors. It enhances our life with their beautiful thought and presentation.

My vision is to make the world beautiful and better place in which you enjoy, enrich and enhance your cultural environment with the beautiful art and creation. I hope that it would be beneficial to all viewers and art lovers.

At the same time, a huge thanks to the team who designed this site informative, easily accessible and visually attractive. Thanks to the cultural journalist for his valuable contribution of the article and all my friends for their support.

Please feel free to send me your valuable suggestions; it’s always nice to hear from people that have come to visit. I hope you enjoy your visit….

Ashok kumar

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